System Reboot Month 1: Time to be Tested!

By June 24, 2018Personal

System Reboot Month 1: Time to be Tested!



In 4 days I leave for Montreal to attend my first referee camp which is the primary reason for trying to change my lifestyle around. It has been exactly 1 month since I posted my first blog post on starting the System Reboot. I originally decided to write these blog posts in hopes to inspire people with my accomplishments, but it is more of a tale of an average person struggling to make changes. Perhaps that’s more inspiring? I don’t know! One thing I do know is this: change is tough.


To give myself credit, I have been quite consistent with the exercise. I haven’t been extremely disciplined; however, I have been very conscious to try to to something almost every day. It’s REALLY cool to see the improvement I’ve made in terms of endurance. Something that completely tired me out a week ago I can now complete without stopping.


Last week I refereed the best male players, 15 and under, from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick at St. Marry’s University (SMU). It was a great game that went down to the wire. It was probably the best quality of basketball I’ve gotten to ref so far in my short career. The guys were good and they were fast! Thank goodness I’ve been exercising or this would have been extremely difficult to do. Aside from that, I feel like I reffed a really good game.


Immediately after, even though I was tired, I decided to use the SMU track to try out the beep test. It was my first time trying it in over a week, I had just reffed an intense basketball game, it was 25 degrees in the hot sun and I was wearing my black referee pants and shirt. Despite all of that, I managed to do 87 reps, which was 10 better than my previous personal record. This is also right around what they want you to be able to do to ref the highest level of basketball. It felt awesome! But I was completely wiped lol. Despite not sticking perfectly to my schedule, I think that’s pretty impressive considering that I nearly died from only completing 55 reps just 3 weeks prior.


Yesterday I had a few games to ref in Prospect, which is pretty far from where I live. I took the bus out as far as I could go and decided to walk the rest of the way, which turned out to be a bad idea. It was 3pm and my games were at 5pm. I Google mapped it and the distance I had to walk was 10 kilometers, which Google said would take 2 hours! It’s good to get to your games 30 minutes in advance, so I knew I had to boogy. I could have called a cab and been fine, but I decided to us this as an opportunity to push myself.


I started to jog right away. Everyone car that passed probably thought I was crazy because I was wearing shorts and hiking shoes, with a jacket tied around my waist, my referee shirt tied around my jacket and one of my referee shoes in each hand (not exactly the gear you want to go on a 10k run!). To make things worse, I had already reffed two games earlier in the day. I’ve never been good at long distance running and it’s not really practical for reffing or playing basketball, so I took lots of breaks. Running and walking. Jogging for a power poll length, sprinting for a power poll length, then walking for a power poll length. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat! After a while I mapped it again and I still had 5.8kms to go. I thought I would never make it, but I kept pushing. To my surprise, I saw the sign for the gym appear much sooner than I expected! I managed to make the trek in just around an hour and had time to shower and rest before my games at 5pm. I was quite pleased with my results.


Pushing myself in this way really reminded me of how powerful it is to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. Many times I wanted to quit, but I kept going. Even though I was sore and tired through the process, my body and mind felt amazing after accomplishing such a feat!


So that’s my exercise summary for the past few weeks, what about everything else?


In pretty much every other goal, I have slacked. I started meditating again and it really is such a powerful tool. The other day I was feeling sort of bummed but I had no idea why. The voice inside kept saying “All you need to do is take a few minutes to meditate!” But for some reason I didn’t. I just sort of kept going about my day feeling a bit off. Eventually I came back home, pushed through the funk and started cleaning up the house. Then I finally sat down to meditate.


It was pretty incredible. In just a minute or two I was able to centre myself and feel a sense of stability again. Whatever it was that I was feeling was still there, but it really wasn’t a big deal anymore. It still blows me away how we can trick ourselves from doing something good for ourselves.


I had over big plans to wake up earlier, write more often, eat better and so on. I did some of those things some of the time, but not all of the time. The goals I set were realistic goals but I still struggled at incorporating all of the changes that I wanted to make. Despite letting this get me down, I am choosing to look at my struggles as areas to continue working on. My progress with physical fitness is undeniable and a great place to build momentum for going forward!


To anyone who read any of my posts, thank you! Change is definitely not easy and even though you may struggle from time to time, it’s worth it to keep going. I will be sure to update you on everything after my camps that are coming up, keep you posted 🙂



And here is a pretty picture from my hometown which relates to absolutely nothing that I wrote about: