System Reboot Days 8-9: One Week Evaluation, Time Restricted Eating and Good Progress!

By June 2, 2018Personal

System Reboot Days 8-9:

One Week Evaluation, Time Restricted Eating and Good Progress!



It’s been a week since I started this program so I decided to give myself a little evaluation. My goals for the week were thus:


  1. Exercise everyday

  2. Wake up at 7am everyday and walk the dog

  3. Meditate for at least 10 mins a day

  4. Write for at least an hour everyday

  5. No more pizza


In terms of actually carrying out my planned tasks EVERYDAY, I kind of sucked! I missed different things on different days for various reasons. So if I were to give myself a grade, it would have to be a ‘C’. However, I did manage to meditate everyday and that has been very beneficial. I am cutting myself some slack, though, because I had different ups and downs and needed some rest here and there. When you really think about it, I am trying to overhaul my life. In the past I would have expected to do it all in one go, but that’s just silly. I am trying to change years of conditioning, I have to be patient!


I did set some strong goals, and I do intend to meet them; however, I also know about the downfalls that goals can create. I’ve eluded to some of the downfalls in previous posts. Notably, that as we begin to stumble and hit roadblocks we have the tendency to feel guilt and give up entirely. Another big downfall of goals is that when we actually meet them two funny things happen: 1) We tend to feel a sense of relief instead of accomplishment. Maybe we feel good for a little while, but that feeling is temporary. That leads us into 2) We keep needing to set new goals, over and over. It’s like we are chasing something through our achievements. The reality is that we can never “achieve” happiness. No matter how many days in a row I meditate, how good of shape I get in, etc, it will never make me happy. It can help, but at the end of the day, happiness is about experiencing what I am experiencing. Making changes I want to make, but without the expectation that happiness is somewhere in the future “once I finally have this or that thing!” That’s a dangerous game to play!


So although I have been having my ups and downs through this process, I have truly been enjoying the grind of pushing myself and making healthy changes. Check out this YouTube video that explains how to get the most out of setting goals and how to enjoy the process as well!


Despite being less active the past couple of days, I did introduce something new to my routine. I plan to continue with the goals I set from the week before but also add in new things each week. That way I am giving myself time to integrate new patterns, but still mixing it up and pushing myself. This week I added in something called “time restrictive eating”. This means that I only eat food within a 9 hour window each day. The idea behind this is that our body’s digestive enzymes are only active for a part of the day. Therefore, if we eat food late into the night, our body uses a lot more energy than when eating in the time frame when our belly’s are active. There seems to be lots of positive health benefits to this practice as well, I will keep you posted!


After regaining my energy on day 8, I knew it was time to exercise again on day 9! I was laying in bed before getting up. I still felt that old urge of wanting to put things off; however, that voice that says “Just sleep a little longer! Ah, you can do it tomorrow.” is losing power everyday. I got up, took the dog for a walk then got ready to run the beep test. I knew my body had ample time to rest the past few days, but I was nervous: Did I take too many days off? Was I going to fall behind in my progress? How would the emotional days take a toll on my physical fitness?


As the test began, I was a bit nervous and felt a bit sore. But as I kept going, I knew I was in better shape than any time before. I was not as tired through the process and I was able to do 78 laps/shuttles, which is 12 better than my previous best and much better than the 55 I got just a week ago! It’s also 10 shy of the fitness standards required to referee Fiba basketball at the highest level. I feel like I actually could have done more, but on the 78th shuttle I slipped and fell and decided to lay on the ground after that, haha!


If I compare this to how I did the first day, just over a week ago, the difference is truly incredible! The burning, death feeling in my lungs is gone. I was obviously exhausted and my legs were very tired and burned, but I didn’t feel like I was going to die, lol. After the beep test I did some sets of push-ups, pull-ups and chin-ups. I really pushed myself, in a safe way, through those exercises. It was a great workout for me, by far the best one yet!


That sums up the last few days. The lesson from this one is that it’s okay to have a few down days, just don’t let them stop you completely. Once you pick things back up again, you will be back on your way and further than where you were when you first started.