System Reboot Day 6-7: Heavy Emotions

By May 31, 2018Personal

System Reboot Day 6-7:

Heavy Emotions



Hey friends, welcome to day 6 and 7 of this journey. May 28th and 29th, 2018.


It’s interesting because it hasn’t even been a week yet, but thinking about each individual day that has happened so far seems like a lifetime in itself. The difference in how I have felt each day is quite incredible. And they haven’t always been pleasant. I know this variation in mood happens all the time, but the fact that I am documenting each day really helps me be aware of it. Writing these entries has been quite eye opening and helpful. Before writing these posts, I would just be having these ups and downs without any real reflection. That’s why journaling is such a powerful tool which I recommend to EVERY client of mine. Not only does journaling help get what is inside of you out, the act of writing uses different parts of your brain; therefore, you are able to think about things differently and see them in a new way. Very cool!


So yeah, this post is about emotions. The past two days have been quite difficult because of feeling some heavy emotions. Nothing extremely serious, but just feeling down and bummed. These feelings are normal and they happen to us all, but man of man, they completely changed EVERYTHING for me. I no longer wanted to work out, I had zero motivation, I was beating myself up and I didn’t even want to eat. I did a little bit of work, but I was nowhere near as productive with my goals as I planned to be.


I am sort of torn on how to handle these situations. Part of me feels completely fine with how everything went. It’s normal for these things to pop up and we need to give ourselves emotional space, just like I had to give myself physical rest. But another part of me feels like I should have pushed through anyway and kept working at my goals, because I had dedicated to working “everyday”.


There is no real right or wrong answer here; balance is always key. Sometimes it’s important to rest, sometimes it’s important to push through. The big thing for me is to not let these two down days set myself back. We always have down days, no matter what. Sometimes we have down weeks, down months and even down years. That’s life. And it’s SO easy to let those down times get to you and throw you off. But right now I have bigger goals and more important things I am working towards. I have to honour my emotions, work with them and move towards healing them. However, I am also going to continue working towards the goals I set at the start of this blog. Just writing these words is getting me fired up and feeling the flow again!


Nothing too exciting in this post, but I wanted to be as honest as I could. We see too much of the good side of everyone on social media, this is an honest look at the ups and downs on my journey.