System Reboot Day 2: Already “Failing” but not Quitting

By May 25, 2018Personal

System Reboot Day 2:

Already “Failing” but not Quitting




Heyo! Welcome to Day 2, May 24th 2018.



SO, this morning I slept in until about 7:20am. I automatically messed up one of my weekly goals to wake up at 7am. In fact, I also didn’t walk the dog, either. So I messed up two of my goals! But this is actually a really good thing and I will tell you why.



As I mentioned in the first post, I’ve tried setting many goals like this before and usually always stop them completely within a week. A part of me is accustomed to this and it’s bit of a pattern. I get all pumped up, get all of this energy to start making a change, but the next day I am tired and say “I will just do it later.” Then that eventually turns into “Ah, I will just do it tomorrow!” And you know what that turns into: never doing it!



However, as I slept in today, I felt a bit more accountability and knew I would not drop my goals completely for few reasons: 1) I am working towards the referee camp in Montreal on the July 1st weekend. And 2) I have made my goals public in this blog and would feel stupid to just mess everything up on the first day, haha! And 3) I actually feel very good today because of trying the beep test yesterday. Yes, I felt like complete ass at first, but the body does this awesome thing where it rewards you for working hard. Over the years as an athlete, I’ve come to love that “good sore” feeling from a hard workout.



Also, there is something to be said about “failing”. We live in a world of “shoulds”, so when we mess up a goal or we do not meet our expectations on something, we psychologically beat ourselves up so much that we often stop trying to do the thing all together. We do this because we think we “should” have done it this way, but because we didn’t we feel like we “shouldn’t” do it at all. I’ve done this SO MANY TIMES! But if you think about it, it’s completely ridiculous. Just because I slept in one day doesn’t mean I should throw everything out the window and not try again tomorrow. That’s self-sabotage at it’s best and something to be aware of for sure.



So as I was sleeping in a bit, and was completely aware that I was sleeping in a bit, I couldn’t completely remember if one of my goals was to walk the dog or not. Normally I would just make some excuse and let myself off the hook. Although I have not walked the dog yet, I will honour that goal and do it before I head into work! This is teaching me that accountability is huge if you hope to strive to do anything in your life and it seems that the hardest thing to do is to be accountable to yourself. If you can figure that out then you are all set!



What I was very successful at today was when I did get up, I immediately put on my shorts and went outside to exercise. I didn’t plan on this, I just decided to do it. I set up the beep test and went at it right away. This time I was more prepared than yesterday, so I was able to pace myself a lot better to save my energy for the later rounds. I could tell right away that I was going to do better than the day before and I did! I got in 66 shuttles/reps, which is the requirement to referee university basketball. I was very pleased with this given it was only my second day of the program. However, as I said in the last post, there is much more to refereeing than just physical fitness. I still have a lot to do before I am qualified to ref university basketball, but I want to show everyone that I am taking every step possible to get there!



I was very tired again after completing the beep test. However, unlike yesterday, I did not feel like complete ass! Although I was exhausted, my chest was not burning and my body actually felt really good. Really tired, but really good! I came inside and made myself a smoothie, something I love but rarely make for myself because I’ve psychologically tricked myself into thinking that smoothies are hard to make.



The big takeaway from today: The beep test takes less than 10 minutes to do. It’s really not a big deal at all. However, I’ve been avoiding doing simple physical activities like this for such a long time because, just like smoothies, my brain keeps tricking itself into thinking “Awww, I will do it tomorrow.” But we all know that that never works. If it wasn’t for the external motivation for the referee course, I might never have started this program. But now that I have started it, it’s such a simple thing to do and it doesn’t take much to make changes. In just one day I went up by 11 reps and met one of my goals! And because of the tiny bit of physical exercise, my body and mind are feeling great! I think it’s very important to ask ourselves, and to be honest with the answer, “What are some simple things we are avoiding doing that would make a big difference in our lives?” They are often the simplest of things but for some reason we trick ourselves out of doing them. The funny thing is, once we actually do them, we tend to feel great because of it!



After writing this I am going to do my 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation. In tomorrow’s post, I will write all about that process and the benefits so you can implement meditation into your life, if you want. After that I am going to do some more writing (I already did some work on the blog, but I want to put some time into a book I am writing as well). I might also do some chin-ups and pull-ups today too. A part of being a ref at a high level is that you have to look the part. So aside from cardio, I want to get a little more toned as well. I work at the Salvatore’s tonight at 4pm, so I will start my pledge of no pizza. It sounds like such a simple thing, but I have tried not eating pizza there many times and have failed over and over and over, haha. I walk into work, the smell hits my nose, I serve all of this AMAZING food and I’m like “Yeah, a couple slices on my lunch break won’t hurt!”. Salvatore’s Food is not unhealthy, but I want to cut back on cheese and bread for sure.



That will cover my goals for today! All of which are very simple, but will have a big effect over time.



Take care and see you tomorrow 🙂