System Reboot Day 1: Mental, Emotional and Physical Overhaul

By May 24, 2018Personal

System Reboot Day 1:

Mental, Emotional and Physical Overhaul



Back in the early 2000’s, when I had my first computer, every once in a while I had to do a factory reset. I had to insert a CD that wiped my computer clean of all the junk it accumulated from cruising the internet with my dial up connection. When I restarted the computer it would be back as if I had never used it, fresh and ready to go!\


Well, I am essentially going to be doing the same thing starting today.


Except it’s to myself!


Mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally rebooting the system. Well, to be clear, I won’t be starting myself from scratch. It’s more of a system overhaul. And I am not going to do it all in one go, but through systematic changes over a period of time. Which is a big thing for me! I often trick myself into thinking I can change everything, all at once, in one day. Let’s be honest, that never works. This blog will document the changes, the struggles, and the ups and downs I go through. I am going to use various techniques such as meditation, mental training, self-hypnosis, physical training, diet and more throughout this process. I will document these techniques so you can use them yourself, if you want! But do not compare yourself to me, you are a different person with different abilities and needs. However, I hope (I say hope because I have no idea how long I will keep this up for!) that I can stick with this and show myself, and others, the power of small and consistent effort.


Why did I decide to do this?


I’ve tried many times to set goals and always drop them within a week. But when there is something I need to achieve that is external to myself, I can usually bring myself to meet the challenge (I am an Aries, so I love a challenge!). I referee basketball as a part time job and I want to take it as far as I can go. In 5 weeks I have a basketball referee camp I am going to in Montreal. At this camp I have to do a fitness test called the beep test (click here to see what it is). Today I tried the beep test for the first time in my life and I did 55 shuttles/reps. I need to get at least a 66 to qualify to referee university basketball and preferably get an 86 to pass the highest level of fitness required for Fiba referees. This is what spurred the want to get back into shape.


I want to do the absolute best that I can at this camp. However, I am only a 3rd year referee and this is an elite camp. So my expectations have to be realistic. Being in good physical shape is just a small part of being a good basketball referee. This will be a great opportunity to present myself as a young and up and coming ref to some of the top brass in the country. I hope to make and impression and learn as much as I can. The following week I have a basketball camp here in Halifax, which is equally as important to me. Here I will be able to learn from the incredible refs I have around here locally and hope to climb the ranks!


Another big motivation for me is that I turned 30 in April. I know this is far from old, but I am noticing “differences” with my body. So the way I see it, this is the last chance to get into real good shape. The longer I wait, the more difficult it will be. I know of 60, 70 and 80 year olds who are in incredible shape and would kick my butt anyday! But for me, I see this phase of my life as setting a real good base to build from as I go forward. If I can get in good shape now, it will be much easier to live a healthier life going forward.


To make things clear, I am not in awful shape at all. I spent most of my early life playing sports and naturally exercising all the time (I was part of the last generation of kids that were outside, everyday!). But after I completed shuttle 55 of the beep test today, I stopped and lied on grass and did not want to move. My legs were burning and it felt like someone was sitting on my chest! That was about 30 minutes ago and I still feel like I am going to barf, lol!


The past few years I have really slacked in physical fitness. I have worked on myself in many other ways, mostly emotionally and mentally (and still have lots of work to do there!). However, nothing I’ve been doing has been very systematic. I just sort of did things randomly, here and there, which was great, but I want something more! And all of this is very important with the personal, family and global goals I have set in my life.


It’s clear that I need to step up more.


Not in a way that is unrealistic, but in a way that is attainable and pushes my limits of comfort.


So here I go. This is day 1! May 23rd, 2018.


I am going to set weekly goals and add to them each week and write about my progress, struggles and whatever each day. Feel free to follow along for inspiration. If you follow this blog, as I said above, try not to compare yourself to what I am doing. You are a different person than what I am, your needs and abilities are different than mine. However, if all goes as planned (we shall see, it’s only day 1!), I hope to show you that small, repetitive actions can make a great change in one’s life!


My weekly goals are this:

  1. Write for at least an hour every day

  2. Get up at 7am everyday and walk the dog

  3. Meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes a day

  4. Exercise everyday. Doesn’t have to be crazy, but at least something!

  5. No more eating pizza (kind of a weird goal, but I work part-time at Salvatore’s Pizza in the Hydrostone area of Halifax. Literally the best pizza in town. I highly recommend it, but eating it almost every single day isn’t in line with my fitness goals, haha!).



Wish me luck! Here is my game face as I sit on the couch writing this: