One-on-One Sessions

For one-on-one sessions I use a blend of hypnotherapy, meditation, visualization and more to empower you to make the changes you want to make in your life! I use a holistic approach, meaning that you will learn a wide range of skills to help with your immediate situation and all aspects of your life.

Spirituality is important when it comes to healing (although it’s not necessary). But the ability to see our lives from a higher perspective is very beneficial. Science is also a huge factor! Science has shown that our brains and bodies are plastic throughout our whole life. This means that, with the proper tools and dedication, we are able to make large changes to who we are at any point in our lives. However, it’s important to note that we can’t “escape” or “erase” old emotional wounds, but we can change them. Imagine if you had a bad cut on your arm and you didn’t know how to treat it. It would get infected and pretty nasty! Same goes for untreated, emotional wounds. The work I do will help you clean your wounds so they can heal into healthy scars.

I know that sounds scary, but here is the most important thing to know: Those emotional wounds ARE hurting you everyday and facing them is easier than carrying them. These wounds shape the way you think, behave and essentially influence every aspect of your life. We often get comfortable with carrying them, but your life will become much lighter if you learn to let them go.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a relaxed, dreamlike state where individuals are open to suggestion. This means that in hypnosis it’s easier to change hardened thoughts and emotions (just like it’s easier to treat physical wounds when in surgery!). When under hypnosis clients are in complete control and can stop the session at any point. Contrary to popular belief, it is impossible for me to make you do or say anything that you do not want to. Anyone who has the capacity to listen is able to be hypnotized!




Let’s all admit this together: Life is hard! Our society does not promote space to help ourselves heal and to achieve our maximum potential. Do you feel dragged down? Looking for more meaning? Looking for a restart? A refresh? Need some inner “spring cleaning” done? I use a holistic approach (you will learn meditation, self-hypnosis, body awareness and more) that will help you with all aspects of your life. Helping you to remove old patterns and establish new, healthier ones! Recommendation: Three Session Combo minimum

Personalized Hypnosis Recordings:

Based on the information you give me from a short questionnaire, I can create personalized hypnosis recordings just for you! This is a great way for those who are looking to try hypnosis but might be too shy/nervous to meet up in person. This is also a cost effective way to get a taste of what I have to offer without paying full price for a session. The only downfall is that you do not get feedback from me; however, these recordings can be just as effective as in person hypnosis. Price: $50 + HST

Smoking Cessation:

  • Quit Now: Is it time to become a non-smoker? If you are ready to quit now, I will guide you through a session that will help you become a non-smoker the moment you leave my door. Just for the cost of 4 and a half packs of cigarettes ($95 + HST).

  • 5 Week Smoking Cessation Program: this program helps you gradually break the cycle. In this program we meet once a week for 5 weeks (this is possible to do over the internet!) and I become your teammate. I will encourage you along the way and be the support you need. By the end of these sessions you will be a non-smoker and also learn self-hypnosis, various meditation techniques and more. Just for the cost of 20 packs of cigarettes ($400 + HST).

Pain Management:

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be used to help manage your pain. I will teach you self-hypnosis and create specialized recordings so you can apply these techniques yourself! Recommendation: Three Session Combo minimum

Relaxation and Mindfulness:

Having trouble sleeping? Having trouble calming your body down? Or just looking to be more calm and relaxed in general? I can teach you how to relax by using various techniques such as self-hypnosis, meditation and more. Recommendation: Three Session Combo minimum

Athletic Performance:

I’ve played competitive sports (golf and basketball) my whole life, so I understand the mental and physical strains of being an athlete. Whether you’re a student athlete dealing with the stress of finding a sport/school balance, looking to shake the nervousness of performing at a high level, or ready to focus and prepare mentally like all top athletes do: I can set you up! Meditation and hypnosis will also greatly help with your workouts and recovery. Recommendation: three session combo, minimum

Past Life Regression:

Whether you believe in past lives or not, I will take you on a journey where you are able to tap into the unconscious and retrieve information to help you in your current life. This experience is different for everyone: some people have vivid visualizations like they are watching a movie, others see flashes of meaningful objects or images, and others have no visuals at all but simply “feel” the information. Sometimes past lives are incredibly joyous and fun! Sometimes they are traumatic. However, you are always 100% safe (these events already happened) and all of the info that comes forward will be about harnessing your highest potential in this lifetime. Recommendation: Single Session with your choice of follow ups

Guided Visioning:

Are you someone who visions easily or are curious about trying? I can lead you on a guided vision that will help out with whatever it is you may be facing in your life right now. Sometimes visioning can be a bit scary on your own, but with my help I can help create a stable presence for you and guide you back whenever you need! Recommendation: One Off Session with Choice of Follow-Ups

Chakra Cleanse:

Most of our memories and emotions are stored within our body. That’s why massage therapy can be highly emotional. Just like you have to clean your physical body, it’s important to clean your energy body. This session will help you re-align and clear out old energy blockages that you are carrying. If you have never explored your chakras before, this session will be a great way to tune into your body for the first time and listen to how it’s trying to communicate with you. Recommendation: Depending on the severity of your blockages, one or more sessions

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