Group & Individual Meditation Classes

Looking to hire an experienced meditation instructor for an event or workshop? How about for your business or organization? You can hire me for one-off classes or I can set up a meditation program for individuals or groups.

  • I have been meditating for over 10 years and trained in Thailand under a Buddhist monk. I also have over 2 years of experience teaching classes. Some places I have taught meditation include Dalhousie University, NSCC Waterfront and IT Campuses, and The Center for Holistic Creativity!

  • Many Westerner’s have a hard time with meditation because they get too caught up in the rigidity of traditional practices. These practices are sacred and work very well; however, they are not always accessible to those who live busy lifestyles.

  • I specialize in taking these traditional techniques (e.g., mindfulness, body awareness, chakra alignment, energy movement) and apply them in a modern way. So even if you never meditated before, in just one class you will take something from it.

I can help

Contact me for your solo or group meditation.