Letters to Your Younger Self: Following Your Heart (Carissa Whitty)

My precious angel of an infant,


You were born today on purpose. Into this time, on purpose. Into this town, on purpose. Into this family, on purpose.


You, my delicate little darling, will not stay delicate for long.


You’ll live in a safe country. You’ll always have clothes to wear and food to eat. You’ll be welcomed by many bright eyes, shining love onto your snuggly newborn presence.


Your Nanny will rock you in her chair. Your mama will sing you lullabies. Your sister will share everything she owns (and knows) to ensure you have open doors to any advantage she can offer.


You’ll adore Granddad. He’s big but playful. You have heaps of aunts, uncles and cousins to build beautiful memories with. And your daddy, he’ll be wrapped around your pinky.


Until your pinky grows into the hand of a teenage girl.


Then he’ll accidentally follow your first-love breakup with your worst-lifetime heartache.


The outside world will ridicule your perfectly-appearing life. Don’t listen. They couldn’t be more wrong. Do not lick their spoon of guilt for shining your true colors… because when you force that inner light to hide, it dims lower every day.


The Earth is a stunning, mesmerizing creation. You’ll be blessed to wander it with a courageously wild and open heart. But not until you hurt enough that you must run away from home.


You’ll ask “why?” at least ninety-nine thousand times. The God whom created you, will wink instead of answer. Because if you knew what was in store, you’d give up.


But you don’t. You range some pure place between thriving and surviving one single day at a time. (Sometimes only an hour at a time babe. It’s brutal).


Thankfully so much astounding support, affection and motivation gets poured onto your path that you transform inferior desperation with intense dedication.


You’ll learn to crave the sound of your inner voice. You’ll fall in love with the beat of your elephant sized heart when you follow its wise requests.


Sweetheart, if I could whisper something into your tiny ear today, this is what I wish you’d know:


Being ugly or unworthy, is not possible.


Betrayal from your instincts, is not possible.


Regret from expressing love, is not possible.


Everything else though… IS


Don’t be rigid with your expectations (self OR life).


Don’t rush either. Every phase and moment is playing an important, interconnected part of a magnificent journey.


You’re twenty-eight today, yet still establishing the ground level of your life purpose. You’ve chosen the site. You’ve loaded barrels of brick upon your back. Now, you must stack with calmness. Celebrating every piece that you glue into place.


Your purpose is to help love live. To recreate more and teach the process with charismatic passion. You will write books, give speeches, make videos and meditations. You will become a brilliantly intuitive energy healer, specializing in life coaching to cure depression. You’ll be a marvellous friend, wife, mother, grandmother. That little one, is why you came to Earth today.

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