Going Raw Vegan Day 6: Green Poop, Sensitivity, Electrolytes and Chia, Hemp & Flax Seeds!

By June 6, 2017Personal

Green Poop, Sensitivity, Electrolytes and Chia, Hemp & Flax Seeds!


Hemp Hearts! Photo courtesy of https://authoritynutrition.com


Here I am, day 6 of my raw Vegan diet. Look at me go, Ma! (Ma probably doesn’t even know what Vegan means…).


Anyway, as per usual, things have been going totally fine! I feel great, nothing too out of the normal seems to be happening, and I honestly think this whole process (again, I am still at the very start) will have a huge impact on my diet for the rest of my life.


After the first day I didn’t really poop, which made me a bit nervous. But since then I have been having nice, green tinged poops, every day! I have a ton of fiber in my diet right now, so that’s likely the reason there. It’s not like I had trouble pooping before, or anything like that, but yeah. I poop real good now. But enough of that shit!


Pun intended!


… sorry.


One thing I think I am beginning to notice is that I am becoming quite sensitive. I drink coffee everyday and have been for the past 2-3 years or so. Yesterday I had to leave the house in bit of a rush and didn’t have time to make one. This is pretty normal for me and I will usually grab one while I am out. I was on my way to my appointment and was about to buy a coffee and thought “I don’t actually NEED one right now.” So I didn’t get one. And I felt fine! Once the afternoon rolled around I did get one, which was nice, but I didn’t feel like I fully needed it.


Today I made myself a french press of coffee, which makes about two mug fulls for me. As I sit here and write this I feel an almost overwhelming caffeine buzz and have for the past hour. I feel slightly light headed and just floaty in general. As someone who does drink a bit of coffee, this usually doesn’t happen unless I’ve had quite a bit of caffeine.


As I’ve mentioned several times already: I can’t be 100% certain if this increased sensitivity is from my new diet or from all of the emotional processing I’ve been doing lately. Most definitely a combo of the two! I am curious to see how this sensitivity plays out.


Another thing I’ve been noticing is this sort of “cool” sensation that sort of bursts in different areas of my body. It’s like when you eat ice-cream, or anything cold, and it hits your belly and you can feel that cold temperature spreading outwards. I am noticing this after I drink my smoothies, which definitely has to do with the frozen berries and whatnot in them, but I also notice it hours afterwards. Like right now I feel this coolness sort of spreading out in my throat and chin area, which feels super nice and awesome! The best way I can describe it is like energy breaking open and spreading in an area. If I had to imagine it visually, it would be like when you first crack a glow stick and you see that flash of colour begin to spread. And I could be totally reaching here, but I imagine all of these seeds I’ve been eating just cracking open their energy and spreading through me. This is all speculation, of course, but cool to notice.


I played about 2 and half hours of competitive basketball yesterday and my energy was completely fine! Coming on the end, though, I noticed my calf was beginning to cramp. I know cramping happens from lack of electrolytes because we sweat out so much when we exercise. It wasn’t anything serious though and I played through it no problem. But when I got home I did feel exhausted and was a little nervous that my electrolytes, particularly sodium (which is found in salt, I have not been eating anything with added salt) were low. So I had a little snack of veggies and added salt and pepper to them and I felt great. However, after doing a little research, it seems I likely have been getting enough sodium anyways as beets and beet greens contain it naturally! If you plan to go raw vegan, just make sure you are getting enough of the essential electrolytes your bod needs 🙂


So CHIA, HEMP and FLAX seeds! People call em Super Foods! Apparently chia seeds are just the absolute best. They have more calcium than milk (wut?) and all sorts of other good things that I am not going to go into great detail here. Just Google it, guys. But I got a bag of them yesterday to start adding to my smoothies. I also picked up a bag of hemp hearts/seeds, which are a great source of protein. Both of these seeds, along with flax, are loaded with Omega fatty acids (although different ones than you’d get in fish), which are good for us, I’m told. After basketball I sat on the side of the court and just dumped a bunch of chia and hemp seed into my mouth and munched on em. All three of these have been an excellent addition to smoothies and add a nice nutty flavor and thick texture.


What I’ve Been Eating:



  • Breakfast: A smoothie with hemp hearts, chia and flax seeds, a banana or two, frozen blueberries and strawberries, spinach and beet greens. Lots of water throughout the day. LOTS!


  • Lunch: Another smoothie, much the same as above (I need to get more groceries), and handfuls of mixed nuts.


  • Supper: Cut up yellow and orange peppers, cucumber, avocado, and onion with salt pepper. Used the Cucumber like a cracker and piled everything on.


I DEFINITELY need to hit up the grocery store and start creating more meals for supper, I will keep you posted with what I come up with! Thanks for reading 🙂