My Story

My name is Grant Hatcher and I was born and raised in Neil’s Harbour, a small fishing village on the scenic Cabot Trail in Cape Breton. How did I get caught up in hypnosis and meditation? That’s a good question!

I always fancied myself as bit of an explorer, but most of the physical world seemed to already have been discovered. So I decided to search in a place nobody knew much about: inside of humans!

I first began exploring the inner world through the path of science. I moved from Cape Breton to Halifax and attended Mount St. Vincent University. I graduated with First Class Honours in Psychology, with a minor in Biology. I love science very much, but in order to immerse myself in life I decided to travel!

Unfortunately, life immersed me in a whole other, unplanned way. When I began my first solo venture from home, my father chose to take his own life. Dad was an incredibly lovely man, very hard working, always made people laugh, and would always stop what he was doing to help others. But he had his burdens just like everyone else.

I always thought that people who took their own life must be crazy, but my Dad was just a regular person trying to do his best. Like so many of us, he never learned how to heal and face what he was carrying. This was a HUGE wake-up call for me. It showed me that life was very delicate and that very normal people were suffering and needed help.

That’s when I decided to dedicate my life to helping others (including myself!) and I became a certified Hypnotherapist through The National Guild of Hypnotists. Shortly after that I traveled to South East Asia and studied meditation. While in a 7 day, silent meditation retreat, I realized that we needed meditation back home. Our busy lifestyles have created a situation where we do not give space to be able to sit with ourselves, our feelings and our experiences.

Since then I have been sponsored by the Self-Employment Benefits program at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Education and Development (CEED) to begin expanding my Meditation and Hypnotherapy services. That brings us to the present moment!

My missions is to show you what I know, what I know has worked for me, in hopes that it can help you too.

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