5 Tips Tuesday: Find Your Connection with Source!

By July 11, 2017Personal

5 Tips Tuesday:

Find Your Connection with Source!

There are a million billion books, guides, religions and teachers out there telling us how to connect to Source, God, Spirit (insert the word you’re most comfortable with. I’m going to use Source). Some of them are amazing and provide great advice. Some of them are steeped in tradition and research that is second to none. But nothing works perfectly for everyone, that’s impossible.


The most problematic aspect about these books and teachers is that they imply that there is a “certain” way that things NEED to be done. Again, some of the advice is amazing, but it can actually turn you away from your own personal connection.


We are all naturally connected because, as you know, we are Source, God, Spirit! We resonate with it. We come from it.


We are it!


Therefore, YOU can create your own, unique connection with Source without help from anyone (which is sort of contradictory, right? Because I am here trying to help you, but I want to help you help yourself!).



Here are the tips I have for establishing your connection with Source:


1) You can create it, but don’t force it!


The fact that you come from Source means that you can create how you communicate with it. Similar to how you’re able to communicate in a certain way with your closest friends, you have creative input with Source.


HOWEVER, do not force it. Do not create this big, elaborate thing. Simple is always best. Most importantly, Source is already contacting you. Instead of forcing something to happen, or trying to do what others are doing, pay attention to how Source is already coming to you. Once you establish that baseline, then you have the flexibility to mold it and work within that framework.


2) Don’t over use it; Source won’t tell you what to do.


So many people, and I mean SO many people, over use their connection with Source. Probably the most annoying thing is they constantly ask the same questions over and over and don’t actually use the advice. “Ahh, maybe I will pull another card!”


At the end of the day, we are here as humans and we ALWAYS have the final say in all decisions in our lives. Source will never tell us what to do, it will only guide us. From that guidance, we must choose.


And choosing is important! Inaction will drain your life from your soul (dun, dun, DAH!).


3) Keep it to yourself.


Your connection with Source is intimate. It’s always great to have certain people you can really trust and have open conversations with, but for the most part, it’s usually best to keep it to yourself. Nobody wants to hear you go on and on and on about this and that. Don’t brag, don’t try to impress others, don’t flex your spiritual ego. Take your messages and act upon them as you wish, but don’t go blabbing. There is nothing more satisfying that working with your messages, keeping them to yourself and then seeing real life results (Muhahahah!).



4) Be prepared to let it go.


This is tough because your connection with Source can become very intimate and maybe even one of the most important things in your life. However, change is the natural reality of all things. Therefore, if you grip too tightly to your method, you may limit your growth into something bigger and better.


It’s all a big dance. It’s like you’re trying to harness smoke with your hands. You can’t squeeze onto it too tight or it will all slip through your fingers. But you can create a sort of tunnel where you can draw the smoke in, but there must be a space for the old smoke to flow out and new smoke to flow in!



5) Have fun!


You’re taking part in the most amazing game ever invented: You are a human who has the choice and is able to connect to something that is integral to this reality. Yes, life gets serious at times, but try your best to treat it like a game. Have fun! From an open and excited heart, the creative forces of this world will crack wide open for you.


Well that’s it for now. Hope these tips helped, love you all!


Grant 😊